The New Year Is Off To A Good Start
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The New Year Is Off To A Good Start

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At the beginning of the New Year, Vientiane renewal, January 29, the eighth day of the first month, ushered in the first day of Hualian Medical rabbit year. Early in the morning, Ms. Zhu Jing, chairman and general manager of the Group, led the management team to the company's door early and said "Happy New Year" to the colleagues who went to work on time on the first day of the Year of the Rabbit!

After all employees arrived at work, the company's leaders personally went to each department and workshop to pay New Year greetings to employees and sent "open the door red envelope". Employees holding red envelopes are very happy, one after another to Hualian senior management New Year, I wish Hualian Medical in the New Year "rabbit" progress, show macro rabbit!

New Year, new journey. All staff of Hualian Medical will continue to give full play to their own advantages, with a new attitude and full of enthusiasm, set sail to write a new chapter.

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