Earth Day China United In Action
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Earth Day China United In Action

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In response to the theme of "caring for the earth, protecting our common home" and deepening the awareness of environmental protection, Hualian Medical Group organized green activities such as green travel, CD action and green Plant DIY on April 21.

Every employee of Hualian Medical Group adheres to the belief of sustainable development and actively participates in Earth Day activities to contribute to the green environment. In the green travel activities, some colleagues specially got up early to go to work by bus, some colleagues rode bicycles early in the morning, and some colleagues even walked several kilometers to go to work; In the noon disc action, many employees took the initiative to ask for less and put an end to food waste, and every employee completed the task of the disc; In the afternoon, we organized a manual DIY green planting activity, and the green plants produced by filling, designing, modeling and other processes were both beautiful and meaningful, and everyone happily took selfies of their labor results. In the activity, some employees said: "Be sure to tell our children about our activities, so that he can establish a sense of cherishing resources and caring for the environment from a young age, today's activity is too meaningful!"

The series of activities ended in the laughter and laughter of the staff. The activities aim to advocate that everyone start from themselves, start from the little things around them, cherish every resource, save every grain of food, and integrate the concept of environmental protection and saving into our daily life.

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