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Team travel log

2018/05/30 16:08
In this cool and rainy early summer, our company hold this team building activities and travel in Yixing and Wuxi city on May 19,2018 and May 20, 2018

Team travel log

In this cool and rainy early summer, our company hold this team building activities and travel in Yixing and Wuxi city on May 19,2018 and May 20, 2018. The theme of this activity is to build team spirit, enhance team cohesion; To carry forward the company spirit and company culture. To relax, stay away from hustle and bustle, and back to nature.


Activity 1:  Team building activities

The whole team is divided into four groups. There are no superiors and subordinates, no boss and employees in the games, but only the determination to unite and win together. The participants were fully engaged and the competition was very fierce.    



                    Legging run of “Youth team”




Kangaroo jump PK


Draw and guess





                    Youth team won the champion




Group photo

Activity 2: Cycling in Longchi mountain park.

Life is not just about survival, but poetry and distance. Deep in the south of the Yangtze river, the mountains and water are all around, the place is surrounded by the tea garden and green roads, at this moment the Longchi mountain is the poem and distance that we all think of.

The speed of the car comes too fast, the pace of walking is too slow, but the bicycle is the best speed to enjoy the beautiful scenery.



Longchi mountain bike park.



说明: 龙池山景

Rainy view of Longchi mountain





说明: 美女老板和美女伙计

Lovely girls from sales team riding in the rain





说明: 帅气的陈总

Handsome guy

说明   说明


Riding companion




说明: 王琴

Riding companion



说明: 贺圆圆

Riding companion



           Activity 3: Feel the natural in Yixing bamboo sea.

The bamboo sea is boundless, with secluded and boundless winding path. The mountain is covered by all green and seems like a painting. We all intoxicated in the beauty.

The stream from the bamboo sea is known as "the beginning of Taihu lake". The water in the bamboo sea is so pure that it can be drunk directly.

说明: 太湖之源

the beginning of Taihu lake

说明: 登山的背影杀手

mountain climbing




说明: 采购2

Lovely girls from Sourcing Dept.





The last activity:  Nianhua bay

Face toward the Taihu lake, with Lingshan in the back, here is away from the crowd. Ecology, zen and poetry are the characteristics of this town. Stroll through the town, with retro buildings, green sloping roofs, bridges, running water and small landscaping, this town is full of charm. When you're tired of walking around, just look for a coffee shop or a tea shop. It's a great experience to enjoy one day off.



Lotus fountain




Flower sea





Mountain view


    What is more touching than the pleasure of enjoying the beautiful scenery is the feeling that team members are united all together. During the trip, we worked together and made plans together. We cared about each other and took care of each other.

After this activity, our team has a deeper understanding and relationship. We all very thankful for the company to organize this activity to provide us an opportunity to enhance team spirit and enhance communication. We will continue to work hard in the future with this motivation. Everyone will regard himself as a member of the Hualian family and will reward the company and colleagues with actions.